After completing Essentials and Advanced modules, additional on-line education on treating these complex and high-risk patients. All Masters level courses are CME | MOC accredited.
This curricula will be available upon completing the Advanced modules
Advanced Hemodynamics | TEACH Bi-Ventricular Support
This course is the final in a series on the science of hemodynamic suppo...
1h 13m
Optimization of Coronary Imaging: OCT | IVUS - Part 1
This course details the tools and technologies to optimize coronary imag...
1h 25m
Vessel Preparation Using Atherectomy | Rotablator | CSI |Intravascular Lithotripsy
This course details various types of atherectomy vessel preparation syst...
1h 6m
Axillary Access vs. Traditional Femoral Access
This course is the third in a series of courses from the SCAI Vascular A...
Access Site Bleeding Prevention and Complication Management
This course summarizes key lessons in large bore access and closure, foc...
1h 5m
Procedural complication management: Coronary complication |Dissection |Perforation | Trouble-shooting
This course focuses on complication management of performing high-risk P...
1h 44m
Tools and techniques for treating complex and high-risk patients | Case Based Review
This course will highlight case demonstrations of high-risk procedures a...
1h 42m